Dragon koi tattoo

The signification of koi tattoo of the dragon variant symbolizes to overcoming the obstacles which are in the person's lifetime. This translates to the fact as the koi fish swims up to the Yellow River, also known as the Dragon Gate, it transforms into a Dragon. Thus, the significance of dragon tattoo is to get a powerful faculty power same the koi fish has, who wants to swim up, fighting its own combat and raise into height on its own feet.

Moreover, dragons personify the unmerciful and violent nature which should be adopted by humans. The pregnant of koi tattoo of agamid gives the tattooed fill an impetus to hold a shape same the dragon. It can also be viewed as a revivification of a new age, a dawn of the new era from the demesne of the uphill Sun.

Koi tattoos designs

The Koi Fish Tattoos symbol and what it symbolizes

There are many different opinions as to what Koi Fish symbolize in tattoo art, many feel that there is a sexual symbolism to the styles and colours of Koi, some feel that the direction which a Koi swims in the tattoo symbolizes sexual orientation whereas others believe that the Koi is an expression of perseverance and achievement.

By far the strongest and most popular interpretation is that of aspiration, determination, achievement, ambition and perseverance in a journey to ones goal in life. This is continually reinforced by the tale of Dragon Gate and the arduous journey to be at one with ones destiny, perhaps the most recalled version of the meaning of the Koi Fish Tattoo. Any research will return a fairly constant result with regards to the meaning of this popular tattoo art form so in effect this almost pre conditions our opinion on the subject.

The Kois symbolism of sexualty in Tattoo art is not widely understood or believed, there are groups of people who try to reinforce the belief that the direction that the Koi swims along the body symbolizes ones sexual orientation, heterosexual or gay? This adoption of the belief is not so widespread as the perseverance interpretation.

In other cultures the Koi represents wealth, although this is not essentially within the tattoo community, the Kois symbolism of wealth is represented in the charm market, charms of Golden Koi represent wealth and good fortune, but this hasn't been replicated in the tattoo world.

Other belief states suggest that the Koi is a symbol of uncompromising bravery, used in direct comparison to a Samurai warrior, the Koi is said after being landed by the fisherman, to lay rigid on the slab embracing its fate with the knife, this si the absolute symbol of the Samurai...accepting his fate in life or death in an honourable fashion. The Koi Fish is known to be the only creature that directly reflects the stoic heroism and strength of a Samurai.

Many other associations with the Koi are made directly with Yakuza members. The Yakuza are the feared gangs of Japanese organised crime who adopt a certain style of tattoo amongst their 'gangs' and cultures. The Yakuza have no direct association purely with Koi, although this doesn't mean that they do not represent themselves in this art form. In the main, the Yakuza style of tattoo is reflected in modern day art forms using the stronger and more dangerous symbols such as the tiger or the snake, these are far more prominent in the Yakuza tattoo art forms. In fact more prominient is the style of the Japanese warrior in the act of slaying Japanese mythical beasts, this style is very popular and far more prominent than that of the koi fish art.

The greatest weight of evidence with regards to the Koi in tattoo art forms leans towards the perseverance, strength, endurance and struggle in achieving ones goal in life, this is the most popular reason for acquiring this ink style.

In essence there is no direct association with Koi Fish Tattoos and no right or wrong. The decision to have a Koi fish tattoo is purely based on an individuals desires and preferences, after carrying out independent and exhaustive research into the tattoo styles one will end up even more confused than when they started out. The choice is yours, the colour, the style the length and position are purely a matter of your own interpretation of the symbol.

The Legend of the Nine Warrior Koi Fish (1)

According to Japanese folklore is an old story of the nine holy Koi, whose quest was to endure the long arduous journey to Dragon Gate magical transformation to become protectors of the Emperor Dragon.
These nine Koi began their journey in a small stream, near the palace of the Emperor, where he played young Koi. At an early age the daughter of Emperor Koi swim with the stream and they would share stories of their children and their travel dreams for the future of Japan.

So convincing were the stories that created the Koi Princess was totally dedicated to her, agreeing among them, to make sure that your childhood dreams come to fruition when it became more. As the Koi became stronger and wiser than they heard about the mystical powers of Dragon Gate and dreamed of one day making the journey along the Yellow River to become a dragon in their quest to protect the empire. Koi elders tell stories of the perilous journey along the Yellow River and the tremendous strength that Koi have to endure the climb to the Dragon Gate swim against the strongest currents known and most powerful jumping any known waterfall.

Nine Warrior Koi Fish began his rigorous training hard without delay so that one day could make the trip to the Dragon Gate.